Community Landuse Planning Committee

Mission Statement

Maintain a small community atmosphere and enhance the quality of life for all residents by developing means of conveniences for the community through orderly development of business establishments, services, and public and recreational facilities. Part of this mission shall include effective and continuous community planning.

Request KLUPC for invitation to private held meetings to present your land use project request. 

KLUPC can be contacted by calling the Klagetoh Chapter and leaving a short message with your contact info.


  • Aaron Long – Chair
  • Chanelle Tilden – Vice Chair
  • Jean Payton – Secretary
  • Maggie Roanhorse – Member
  • Priscilla Kee – Member
CLUPC Projects
  • LGA Certify Chapter – ongoing
  • Recertify CLUPC Plan of Operation – ongoing
  • Klagetoh Memorial Park Fencing Project – completed