Land Use Committee

Vested with the authority to establish a Community-Based Land Use Plan; Land Use Variations; and Zoning.

To enhance the quality of Klagetoh civil infrastructure.

Dine Bikeyh, Thriving, Ixhe’naanoold,
Wholesome, Collaborative

Klagetoh Village, Where Business Thrives Naturally

The Land Use Committee’s next meeting will be held at : TBA

The public is welcome to gain a deeper insight into the inner workings of the local chapter.

Attendees can learn how to turn an idea into a real life completed project.


  • Aaron Long – Chair
  • Charlotte Nez – Vice-Chair
  • Gayle Neboyia – Secretary
  • Elvera Reed – Member
  • Lena Yazzie – Member 
CLUPC Projects
  • LGA Certify Chapter – ongoing
  • Recertify CLUPC Plan of Operation – ongoing
  • Klagetoh Memorial Park Fencing Project – completed